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Are your products freshly made?

Yes our products are freshly made. Freshness is important in order to maintain the integrity and quality of nutrients in each product.

How long do your products last?

From date of receipt by customer moss gels are fresh for 14-21 days​, tinctures are fresh up to 30 days.​ Powders and capsules can last up to one year.

When do you ship?


We ship gels out 1-2 days after your order has been placed. If you would like your order the same week it would be best to order Sunday - Tuesday. Orders placed Wednesday - Saturday are mailed out Monday of the next week. This way it does not compromise the freshness of the product. Remaining products ship next day.

Do you offer subscriptions?


Yes we do! You may either visit the subscriptions tab or while shopping you may select the option for a subscription for the product you are viewing. 

Do you offer Returns & Refunds?

There are no refunds or returns as these are freshly made items. We do offer replacement of the item if it is not fresh or arrives damaged. We just require a photo of the damaged/non fresh goods.

Is there a difference between Irish Sea Moss and Sea Moss?

Yes! Our Irish Sea Moss is harvested off of the Atlantic coast off of Ireland and has an appearance of flat pasta. Its scientific name is Chondus Crispus. Caribbean Moss in harvested in the Caribbean waters and produces a different variation called Genus Gracilaria better known as sea moss or Caribbean moss. It is more bumpy or thick looking depending on where in the Caribbean it is harvested from. Boss Moss solely carries Chondrus Crisps due to the high nutrient value.

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