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Who's The Boss?

Health is vital now more than ever before. Our body needs the best nutrients to maintain itself to remain optimal. Our system is only as good to us based on how good we are to it. Unfortunately it doesn't receive enough credit. I'm LaQuette Lucas, owner of Boss Moss and I surpassed Corona Virus.

Becoming ill late December 2019, what seemed like typical flu symptoms turned into heavy coughing & sporadic fevers for a few weeks. While it was a tough battle, thankfully my immune system was successful. Being ill taught the importance of nourishment and diet. After recovering I switched my diet, upgraded my vitamin & mineral intake & added an herbal colon cleanse twice a week.

Revisiting the knowledge Mr. Alfred Bowman (better known as Dr. Sebi) shared regarding Irish Sea Moss, I incorporated this into my diet as well. Since making these subtle changes my system has become more balanced than before. Taking Irish Moss daily brings noticeable change in the body's operation and appearance. While this sea vegetable is not something new its benefits many are unaware of but are becoming familiar with on their wellness journey.

At Boss Moss we are thankful to be able to supply such a valuable nutrient. As there are various types of Sea Moss, our supply is Chondrus Crispus (Irish Moss) which is ethically sourced from the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Ireland. It acquires its benefits from growing in cold waters off the ocean rocks.

Being well known for such benefits Irish Moss: assists in thyroid and anemia concerns, balancing the immune system, reducing respiratory issues, rejuvenating the skin and boosting energy levels.

Though it took time, I became the boss of my health and haven't looked back since. Isn't it time you became the boss of your health too?
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